Student Activities Column


1. Female Basketball Team

2. Female Football Team

3. Badminton Association

Founded in March, 2005, Badminton Association of Beijing Normal University has grown, with the vigorous development of sport of badminton, into a major influential sport organization with 179 members n the university.
To enliven the campus culture, enrich students’ amateur life and actively promote badminton, it plays vanguard role in similar associations’ organization and arrangements issues. In 2008, it was named the top ten associations in Beijing Normal University.

4. Swimmers Association

Led by the Youth League Committee of School of Physical Education and Sports Science, Swimmers Association of Beijing Normal University is a students’ organization under the guidance of the Students’ Union. Since the founding on 7th of Dec, 2008, the coach, Mr. Zhu Junquan has been responsible for guiding the activities. Having held many activities, it gained a favorable reputation among students.

5. Cyclers Association

Cyclers Association of Beijing Normal University was founded in late Feb, 2010. The purpose of this association is to advocate low-carbon lifestyle, green commuting, environmental protection and health, trying to preserve blue sky and fresh air for our city.

6. Football Club

Football Club of Beijing Normal University was founded in 2009 and now it has grown in strength with 50 members.

7. Marathon Association of Beijing Normal University (Marathon Association in short)

Founded in 2009, the Marathon Association was spontaneously organized by running lovers in Beijing Normal University. Currently, the association has held and taken part in Beijing International Marathon, Shanghai International Marathon, Xiamen International Marathon, Zhengzhou International Marathon, Yangzhou International Marathon and some other major marathon events in China. It undertook the Winter Long-distance Running Festival in 2009 in memory of the December Ninth Incident1 as well as the entering work of North Face Field Sport Activity on the 8th of May, 2010. The routine activities of the association include: running fitness, mountain-climbing, go outing and running tournaments of Beijing institutions of higher learning..
1 On December ninth, an anti-Japanese students’ demonstration was held with the guidance of Communist Party of China. This large-scale students’ patriotic movement was named December Ninth Incident.

8. Tennis Club

Founded in 2002, the Tennis Club of Beijing Normal University aims to promote the development of tennis in our school, meet the needs of numerous tennis lovers, improve those who already have basic tennis skills and enrich the campus sports and cultural life as well.

9. Table Tennis Association of Beijing Normal University

In Oct 2004, a group of table tennis lovers from our school founded their own table tennis association—Table Tennis Association of Beijing Normal University. At the initial stage it has been dedicated to building a platform for all the table tennis lovers to exchange ideas, improve skills and enhance friendship.

10. Orienteering Association of Beijing Normal University

Through practicing orienteering, students can cultivate their abilities of independent thinking, solving problems by themselves and making quick reaction and decisions under physical and mental pressures which can facilitate to explore their potentials. Mainly facing the members within the association and students in Beijing Normal University, the association popularizes organized and purposeful orienteering knowledge lectures, and holds orienteering events.

11. Martial Arts Club of Beijing Normal University

Founded in the second semester in 2002, Martial Arts Club of Beijing Normal University is attached to the Art Troupe of Youth League Committee in Beijing Normal University. The club members are mainly the martial arts majors from School of Physical Education and Sports Science. At the same time, the club also welcomes students from other schools who have related specials and are enthusiastic about martial arts. Upholding the watchword of “Learning martial arts and learning to be a man”, the club inherits traditional Chinese culture as well as tries to bring forth new ideas, performing martial arts on stage so as to entertain students and enrich campus’ culture.

12. Taekwondo Association

Actively advocating the philosophy of “happy taekwondo” and the spirit of “politeness, justice, honor, self-control, endurance and perseverance”, it keeps a relaxed and harmonious training atmosphere. The association has already cultivated several black belt players and dozens of high level players who have won prizes in city-level games. The association also organizes exchanges, tournaments, spring outings and game-watching among taekwondo associations in Beijing universities.

13. Skidding of Wheel Association of Beijing Normal University

Founded in 2003, the Skidding of Wheel Association is a students’ organization started by a group of in-line stakes and skateboard lovers. To pursue individuality and publicize elegant demeanor, the association tries to activate students’ after-school life and build body fitness and flexibility through sports. At the same time, it also cultivates students’ fortitude in the face of hardship and pain and establishes their lofty character of “mutual aid, modesty, politeness and solidarity”.

14. Baseball and Softball Association

In the early autumn of 2003, the Baseball and Softball Association of Beijing Normal University was founded with the efforts of a few youngsters who are passionate about baseball and softball. Although the association has undergone trials and hardships, it has been gradually growing under the help of friends on and off campus even from home and abroad. Currently, its members have amounted to almost 200. Moreover, there are a male baseball team of almost 30 members and a female softball team of over 20 members.

15. The Green Camp—Outdoor Sport of Beijing Normal University (Mountain-Climbing Team)

This association is a students’ organization with plenty of outdoor activities such as camping, cycling, mountain-climbing etc.. to which the Mountain-Climbing Team is subordinate. Through special physical fitness exercises students can gain comparatively professional skills. It’s suitable for students who like to explore the unknown and yearn for outdoor activities.


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