Student Activities Column


1. Dove Youth Volunteer Association of Beijing Normal University

Dove Youth Volunteer Association is the biggest public welfare association on campus, it is composed of four volunteer centers, that is, Basic Education, Publicity and Explanation, Love Emissary, Green Environment Protection and nine functional departments, namely, Office, Training Service Department, Certified Appraisal Department, Publicity Department, Press Department, Network Department, External Affairs Department, Public Relations Department and Finance Department. Each year, the association absorbs large number of students and it plays an important role in major public welfare fields.

2. “Green Candle”—Root and Bud Association

“Green Candle” was one of the associations that first joined the Root and Bud Project. It has won the title of “Top Ten Students’ Association” for six consecutive years and was rewarded with the title of “Excellent Students’ Association” on a municipal level in 2005 and 2008. Members of the association have harmonious relationship with each other, just as close as a family. They have a lot of fun in different activities. Each member has his or her nickname which shows their love toward the nature. The association’s main activities are taking caring of animals, communities and the environment.

3. Red Cross Society of Beijing Normal University

Founded in 1984, Red Cross Society of Beijing Normal University pursues the Red Cross Society’s spirit of humanism, universal fraternity and devotion. It actively and independently organizes many activities such as sign language training, blood donation, visiting widowed seniors, aider training, health lecture, health worker training and free physical checks.

4. Wooden Bell Sign Language Association

Founded on 26th of April, 2006, Wooden Bell Sign Language Association of Beijing Normal University with special education as its subject stood out in the Second Education and Culture Festival of Beijing Normal University. To “disseminate sign language and pass on love”, the association shows loving care for handicapped people in China.

5. PRED Association of Beijing Normal University

Founded in 1967, PRED was one of the earliest students’ associations in Beijing. Its goal is to deepen its members’ knowledge on the issue of global PRED, increase exchanges of ideas among students and publicize environmental protection and sustainable development concepts. (P-Population, R-Resources, E-Environment and D-Development)

6. “Sons of Farmers” Association

For seven years, a group of warm-blooded students from Beijing Normal University have focused their attention on the education in rural areas and the mobility problem of children from rural areas. The association aims to concern social vulnerable groups (i.e. mainly rural residents and farmers), promote fair play and pursue justice. In practice, the association follows closely the living condition of people, promotes civic education and publicizes public welfare philosophy and advanced concepts, in an attempt to ultimately further the independence and freedom of human being.


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